Aims and Values

Newington Community Primary School, Statement of Aims and Values.

Our primary aim in school life is to ensure that the children are happy, safe and secure, but equally we need to ensure that our children are confident readers, articulate writers and quick and accurate mathematicians. Put this alongside our aim of nurturing Newington children to be socially responsible, can work as part of a team and who are able to understand the needs of others, and we pride ourselves in developing very special young people.

Newington children are Ambitious for themselves, they Achieve highly and have great Aspirations for their futures; what more could you want as a parent. We believe that children can forge their own futures, with the right support from their families, and can achieve anything that they put their minds to.

In particular we ensure that:

  • All pupils have full access to the National Curriculum and Foundation Stage Curriculum
  • Children reach their full potential in all aspects of the school’s curriculum including the National Curriculum and Foundation Stage Curriculum, and in particular in acquiring effective skills in Literacy and Numeracy
  • We provide children with an education appropriate to the world outside the classroom
  • We develop a love of learning and a desire to continue to expand their knowledge and skills throughout their life
  • We help children to learn to live together in a community and to show sensitivity to the differences between one another
  • Encourage children to become responsible, independent people, who are able to look at and think deeply about the world around them
  • We help to develop a positive sense of moral responsibility and self-discipline
  • We help to develop spiritual awareness and an awe of the universe. Underpinning this is:
  • Outstanding day to day assessment of children’s work
  • First rate systems for tracking, identifying and celebrating children’s progress
  • An exciting, relevant and inspiring curriculum
  • Excellent support for the needs of every child

All this is done because children at Newington are special and only deserve the best!