Cognition and learning

Children with cognition and learning difficulties may have: low levels of attainment across the board in all forms of assessment, difficulty in acquiring skills (notably in English and Maths) on which much other learning in school depends; difficulty in dealing with abstract ideas and generalising from experience

At Newington Community Primary School, we will provide your child with high quality teaching which is adapted to meet the needs of all our learners.

We strive to identify and remove barriers to learning to allow every child  to reach their true potential, this includes adaptive/differentiated learning, strategies to support children with SEND’s learning in class, targeted interventions such as precision teaching and on-going formative assessment.

We currently use Lucid rapid and LASS 8-11 diagnostic tools to determine the probability of your child having dyslexia. We can use this information to provide additional support such as coloured overlays, photocopies of white board slides and/or adaptive text.


Useful resources:

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Literacy support for dyslexia that follows the Science of Reading | Nessy


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